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Solid Homes Realty


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Marina Revnyaga

Sam Beznos



Office: (516) 867-6700

Cell: (516) 476-8302

Email: SolidHomesRealty@Gmail.com



Office: (516) 867-6700

Cell: (516) 356-5533

Email: SolidHomesRealty@Gmail.com


Solid Homes Realty Inc. is a family owned and operated Real Estate firm. I, Marina Revnyaga, am the owner of the company with over 20 years of experience in the Nassau area. I work hand in hand with my son Sam Beznos, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, with over 4 years of experience in the area. My Husband Mickey is the manager/ book keeper, keeping us up to date and ready to sell! Together we manage to sell well over 5 million dollars worth of real-estate a year. 

         With the new age of technology here for the convenience of all home owners, both new and old, we provide the most up to date advertising model seen! Including personal profiles for each property on websites made popular by potential home owners such as Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia. 

With our combined experience and innovating sales tactics we aim to make our clients dream homes become a reality!




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Solid Homes Realty Inc

1900 Grand Ave

Baldwin, NY 11510


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Tel: 516-867-6700
Fax: 516-867-6100